Everyday Questions

MVP Limo Service Everyday Questions

Where do you provide transportation to?

Take a look at our "Places We Service" page for more information. You'll see that we service quite a large area of cities in the Detroit area! We're able to service more than what is shown on that page, as your business grows more and more each day. The best way to find out if we can come to your city is to give our booking agents a call. They're on the phones around the clock, so someone is always ready to answer your questions.

What features come on your vehicles?

That's a great question! Our customers absolutely love our features that come with our limousines and limo buses. You'll find that our vehicles come with ice filled bar areas with cupholders for your drinks, stainless steel dancing poles, subwoofer equipped audio systems with iPod inputs, tinted windows for privacy, color changing interior lighting, hardwood flooring, comfortable leather seating for up to 40 passengers, and much more.

Is there a difference between a limousine and a limo bus?

Yes, there is a difference between a limousine and a limo bus, and we're glad that you asked. While our limo buses are fantastic for partying because they offer stand up room and more party-centered features, our limousines have a polished look that is fitting for elegant events such as weddings and corporate events. If you want to party and dance your heart out with stand up room, be sure to consider our limousine buses.

Are we able to smoke and drink inside?

You can absolutely drink to your hearts content, as long as everybody on the vehicle is 21 years of age or older. There are even great bar areas stocked with ice for your use! When it comes to smoking, we aren't as relaxed, as we don't allow for smoking of any kind to take place on our limousines and limo buses. We want the interiors of our vehicles to stay as fresh and clean as possible, so we'll be glad to make a stop for you.

Do you have a time limit on service?

Not at all! If you're looking to party all through out the night into the wee hours of the morning, you'll find that's easy to do with MVP Limo Service. We don't have a time limit on our services, and we'll be happy to escort you through the streets of Detroit all through out the night and morning.

What type of events do your customers use limousines for?

Good question! Our customers are a diverse and varied group of people, so you'll find that our limousines and limo buses have been used for many different events. The most popular events to use limousines for are corporate events, school dances, wedding ceremonies, bachelor and bachelorette parties, sporting events, concerts, bar hopping nights, and more. Our limousines and limo buses can be used as an event by themselves!

What happens if we go over time?

If you go over your time, you don't pay a different rate! You pay the same exact rate that you agreed upon when you reserved your vehicle. We don't believe in charging you an arm and a leg for using our vehicle for extra time. If there are no scheduling conflicts with your timing, you will be billed in 15 minute increments with the same hourly rate you were given to begin with. You can't get any better than that!

What happens if we damage something?

If you and your guests happen to damage something on one of our vehicles, you'll have to pay for what is damaged. To avoid common damage charges we recommend that ladies don't stand on seats with their heels, have the driver pull over if someone is going to be sick, and under no circumstances should you smoke inside of the vehicle. Those are the most common damage charges. For more information, give us a call at your convenience.

Why should we use you for service?

That's an easy question to answer! There is no better limousine service in all of metro Detroit. We provide entertainment based transportation which means you're always going to be having the best time possible when you're on the roads with one of our limousines, limo vans, or limousine buses. Not to mention, we include everything in your pricing, including tax, tip, and fuel if you're in our local service area!

Do you provide service to states outside of Michigan?

Unfortunately, the only state that we're able to service is Michigan. However, there's tons of great stuff in Michigan for you to check out! Our drivers know the state like the back of their hands...get it? Seriously, we hired the most professional chauffeurs in the Mitten and they're able to take you wherever you'd like to go within the border. This means unlimited fun for you and your group!

Do we have to tip our driver?

Unlike other limousine companies in the metro Detroit area, we don't require that you tip the driver. The reason why we adopted this policy is due to the fact that we include the drivers gratuity in with your total price when you contact us for a quote. Of course, you're welcome to tip your driver if you feel they went above and beyond and you're able, but it is never required here at MVP Limo Service.

Do we have to pay for gas?

Nope! With MVP Limo Service, you aren't going to have to worry about paying for fuel. Other companies will show up with demands of fuel as well as the drivers gratuity! We believe in treating you better than that, so you can be sure that our courteous customer service representatives will let you know about everything that comes with the price that we give you. We believe in complete transparency here!