Estimates on Service

If you've gotten quotes for professional transportation service in the Detroit area, you know that there are many different prices for seemingly the same service! You can bet that not all transportation services in Detroit are created equal. While there are reputable limousine providers, it takes some searching to find companies who don't charge an arm and a leg for transportation. That's where we come in!

MVP Limo Service offers affordability without sacrifice...

When it comes to the pricing of limousine service, cheaper isn't always necessarily better! There are many things that you'll want to consider before going with a company, but perhaps one of the most important is whether or not that organization is insured and accredited. The bottom of the barrel pricing usually comes from companies who haven't completed these things, and this affects your potential safety for the night! When you call a transportation company, be sure to ask them if you can come view their vehicles. Some companies don't even own their own vehicles, so if someone else decides to book, you might be out of luck. Here at MVP Limo Service, we invite you to come take a look at the service you'll be renting to ensure it's up to your standards. We're even happy to show your accreditations when you stop by.

Are you ready to get a quote for professional limousine service in Detroit? We have customer service agents ready to handle reservations all throughout the night for your benefit. We know that your days are busy, and sometimes your nights are, too, so our 24 phone service is here to accommodate you. Let our customer service agents know where you want to go, how many passengers you're planning on inviting, and when you're going to need service. These three pieces of information give us all we need to know in order to give you a completely accurate quote for your transportation in Detroit. Pick up your phone and get ready to have a great time in the Motor City.